Tar Crashes onto Ceramic-Tiled Patio

We welcomed the insurance company's challenge of saving this new, custom-tiled patio from replacement after it had been terribly defaced by vandals. Advanced Fire & Flood' trained specialists tackled the problem at once, utilizing numerous chemical solvents to gradually dissolve the thick, black mess. Regrouting and special polishing were then necessary to completely restore the patio to its original condition.

  • Ceramic tiles covered by 25-gallon tar pool
  • Building exterior surfaces splattered
  • Painted trim and railings severely stained
  • Concrete grouting permanently discolored
  • Drain pipes clogged and coated with sludge
  • Dwelling interiors splashed with tar

Advanced Fire & Flood EMERGENCY RESPONSE:
  • Bulk tar dissolved, gathered and disposed
  • Tile and grouting scrubbed with solvents
  • Concrete grout scraped and replaced
  • Ceramic tiles diamond-powder buffed
  • Exterior insulation panels replaced
  • Discolored trim and railing repainted
  • Plumbing inspected and serviced
  • Damaged interiors spot-cleaned
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