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Enviro Care Glass Cleaner

  • Biobased
  • Concentrated
  • Leaves windows and mirrors streak fee

Proxi- Nature's Scrub Brush
Use the power of hydrogen peroxide for multiple cleaning needs. Proxi Multi Surface Cleaner is a concentrated hydrogen peroxide based cleaner for use on hard surfaces, mirrors, showers, floors and tile and grout. Also can be used in multiple dilutions for different applications.

DFE Bloc

  • Biologic Liquid Odor Control
  • Ideal for Restrooms, Dumpsters and Shower Rooms
  • Biological Action Digests Odors
  • EcoLogo certified

Proxi Spray and Walk Away
Spot remover is designed to make carpet care easy. Just spray and walk away. Provides stain removal and deodorizing for carpet and upholstery. No rubbing, scrubbing, blotting or rinsing. Spot remover cleans and dries quickly.

All of our products are either Green Seal or EcoLogo™ certified. EcoLogo is a trademark of The Environmental Choice Program.

Our first priority in remediation is the safety of both our workers and the occupants, combined with the efficiency of which we complete our task. In some instances an exceptional level of cleaning needs to be considered to ensure increased protection of our environment and the toxicity level to those prone to sensitive health issues. Our Green Clean methods make this service available to everyone.

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