By the time a disaster strikes, it's too late to begin making the critical preparations and securing the resources needed to help a business get back in operations. In the aftermath of a disaster, essential services and resources become scarce due to widespread demand.


The reason many businesses fail to plan ahead is that developing a comprehensive contingency plan involves a major investment of business resources including time, money and focus.

That's why ADVANCED FIRE & FLOOD developed the Crisis Response ("CR") program for preferred commercial, industrial and residential property owners to have a simple, turnkey solution to receive critical service when you need it most.


It Pays to Be Prepared

You can take action today to help your business quickly recover from an unexpected disaster. ADVANCED FIRE & FLOOD Crisis Response program provides a turnkey solution to help commercial, industrial and residential properties prepare a recovery plan for the most common types of property disasters.

Click here to learn more about ADVANCED FIRE & FLOOD exclusive CR program.

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