Fire Damage Restoration for New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey

Soon after the fire was extinguished, our trained project coordinators mobilized the commercial catastrophe unit for immediate response. Our skilled team of emergency restoration specialists labored around the clock to restore normal business operations within a matter of days. Various insurers also called upon our services to reverse the fire's damage and disruption of numerous commercial enterprises throughout the building. Advanced Fire & Flood' fast and thorough response was instrumental in saving untold millions of dollars worth of business interruption claims.

  • Public Areas charred by direct heat
  • Painted surfaces discolored by soot deposits
  • Miles of elevator shafts and stairways smoke-damaged
  • HVAC duct systems contaminated by soot
  • Office interiors affected by noxious smoke odor
  • Many prominent business operations at a standstill
Advanced Fire & Flood EMERGENCY RESPONSE:
  • Damage evaluated; Restoration strategy defined
  • Detailed project scope and estimate provided
  • Over 100 emergency service personnel dispatched
  • Affected building surfaces chem-sponge cleaned
  • Art-Deco fixtures dismantled and hand-washed
  • Shafts, stairways and plenums cleaned and ozone treated
  • Ductwork power-cleaned and deodorized
  • Restoration of all affected offices and furnishings
Massive Fire Strikes World Famous Skyscraper

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