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In light of the recent travel disruption to most of Europe because of the ash cloud, TOXBOX is generously lifting their $18.99 video broadcasting fee until April 25th. With the ability to have an audience of up to 200 people, this is an incredible deal.

If you don't take advantage of their offer, be sure to check out their other features, which are always free, like live video chat, group chats, and video messaging. I personally would take them over Skype any day of the week.
The Two Seem To Fit, Right?
Starbucks Treats on Tax Day!

Bring in a reusable mug to your local Starbucks today and get a free brewed coffee, 4/15 only.

Continue bringing in your mug and get a $0.10 discount every time you buy a cup. It's not much, but it adds up, and every bit makes a difference. Join in Starbucks' efforts to reduce waste.

Also keep your eye out next week for an unveiling at MAXONS -- how we are lending a hand in helping make this world a better place- one relationship, one project at a time.
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If you haven't seen Intuit's commercial on building your own website or hiring someone to do it for you, you should. It's hilarious and SO, so true.

If you've ever been part of the design (or re-design) process of a website, you'd know that it can be an excruciating experience. And unless you have dozens and dozens of pages, information, and moving parts on your site, why go through that when you have a much easier option online these days? Companies like Intuit offer programs that let anyone create a site from scratch for a minimal fee, and others who let you do it for free, like Weebly, who I particularly like, and right now Weebly's offering a contest where they're giving away $13,000 in cash to top designers. Create a theme for them for a chance to win and have it used by websites all over the web. Not a designer? Send this to a friend who is, and maybe they'll even share their winnings with you.

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