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Thanks to an awesome Project Manager of ours here who clipped this article from the Metro for me, I just read about a new program out there called Social Sentry.  If you haven't heard of them yet, I don't doubt you soon will. 

This company recently launched, providing software to companies for trailing their employees' online activity. Their service includes patrolling Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and any other social site they may subscribe to. At this point you may be thinking, "What?! That's an invasion of privacy!" Well, news-flash, if you're posting on these sites, it's already public, and up for grabs. 

It does raise some issues about the grey line. Yes it's public, but all these sites still offer the option of complete and total publicity vs partial privacy (designated to those exclusive "friends and followers"). Why should this company be able to surpass that with their own motive? Does it really matter if Joe Shmo is a crazy partier by night if he's an amazing Manager by day? I guess they're leaving that up to the employer.

A couple tips Metro points out, just "think before you update" because what you say online is public and can be used against you. Just learn from these mistakes:

Obama assassination
The Secret Service is investigating two Twitter users who made threatening comments about President Obama last week.
Facebook negligence
One British worker updated her Facebook status complaining about her company and her manager, forgetting that she was connected to her manager on Facebook. The manager commented on her update saying that she was fired.
Sued for a tweet
A woman with only 22 followers on Twitter tweeted about her moldy apartment and was sued for $50,000 by her landlord. (Ouch!)
Health benefits
One woman took a paid leave of absence because of sickness, posted Facebook pictures of herself in a bikini, and lost her benefits--and her job.
Watch your picture
A teacher used a drunken picture of herself in a pirate costume as her MySpace picture, which was against school policy, and got fired.
John Haydon wrote a great post on how small businesses and non-profits that have a Facebook page can leverage the Notes application to drive web traffic to their sites.  Here's a snippet if what he says about this: 

Facebook currently lets Profile users import one RSS feed from a blog into their Facebook wall using the Notes application. Here's why this is powerful: 

  • If you have 30 fans who each have 100 friends, your blog post will be seen by as many as 3,000 people. These blog posts appear both on profile walls and on the Home Page news feed.
  • The folks who have added your RSS to their notes have essentially endorsed you to their friends. This type social proof is a big part of what influences consumer buying decisions and which non-profits get support.

Click here to read the rest of his article.

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A couple weeks ago we had what most in the Social Media Unknown would consider a scintillating workshop with Mardy Sitzer of BUMBLEBEE. She offers these on such topics as: Marketing Tools That Drive Business Growth. For many in the world today, site such as Twitter and Facebook many not be as widely used as some would think. Having launched for college students, Facebook has only recently took off in the slightly older population of early to late 30s and 40s, and many more still have yet to latch on to Twitter, even more foreign to the general population. But it is a fact that this trend is growing rapidly. And fiercely. And a lot want in on the action.

After the meeting I approached her to ask a few questions about blogging and Tweeting frequency, an encounter which I surprisingly discovered she blogged about later on her own site.

If you're out there living in the crazy Virtual World today, just remember that Google cares about your Twittering and Blogging frequency. Choose your frequency and then stick with it. Once a week, once every other week, but never back and forth. It may not matter much to your viewers, but it definitely matters to the Search Engine Monsters, and I definitely care about what they think.

If you're interested in one of her workshops, make sure to check out her site. And for more Twitter etiquette, check out TwitJobs' 5 Golden Rules.

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