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I'm quickly loving Fred Pryor and the topics he offers workshops on. A couple weeks ago we discussed an upcoming audio conference on how bad attitudes in the workplace can effect an entire office. Coming up next week in New York is a one-day seminar on "Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial People." Whether you're the Controller, Owner, Operations Manager, or anything in between, this seminar promises increased knowledge and confidence in financial planning for your business. Other dates and locations in NJ available too.

Read what he says are the 21 ways you and your organization will benefit in the brochure.

Save 20% by registering online and use this code! #687152


Clear the Way for Improved Claims Handling and Customer Service

Date: April 22, 2010 at 2:00 pm EST | 11:00 am PST

Did you know 70% of all costs incurred by an insurance company are associated with claimsadjudication (expense and indemnity)?  By reducing some of these costs you could greatly improve your company's bottom line.  But what if you could reduce these costs and improve your customer's satisfaction at the same time?  We'd like to show you how.  

In this FREE Web Seminar you'll be able to see how other insurance companies have used document automation and workflow management to successfully streamline their claim process.  Get control and visibility into your claims today! 

Register now to learn how to:

  • Use analytics to understand, measure, and track key claims KPIs to drive down claim costs and improve combined ratios 
  • Get market insight and improve your strategic decision-making with powerful mapping and geographical visibility
  • Uncover the potential areas for improved customer service, satisfaction and compliance
  • Flag potential fraud by identifying claims that fall outside the radius or path of event damages
  • Deploy and route adjusters to improve efficiency and service 
  • Facilitate programs such as "preferred vendor" services to reduce cost while improving customer service
  • Adapt quickly to changes in environment and industry demands 

All of us have experienced these 'toxic personalities' in our lifetime. Heck, you may have one in your office now! Career Track addresses these issues. How do you correct attitude issues and defuse behavior problems? Protect your team from further contamination. Fred Pryor is hosting a Career Track Audio Conference on how to transform toxic employees into positive performers and he says, "The bottom line is that these 'bad apples' and 'sour grapes' cost organizations time and money because of their impact on morale, retention, productivity, and teamwork. Attitudes affect everyone, and, as a supervisor, it is your responsibility to manage and improve them."

With 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and only a one hour commitment, it seems like a no brainer. Learn about how to enroll here.

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