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Claims Magazine came out with an interesting article about homeowner's satisfaction when filing. Policyholders who file auto claims are still generally happier with their experience than are those filing property claims, results of J.D. Power and Associates' yearly Home Claims Satisfaction Study.

When it comes to quality service & customer satisfaction to insurance company's bottom lines, it matters. You may be asking, isn't it possible to get both great value and a decent price? In our opinion, these things aren't mutually exclusive. "Getting what you pay for" really has to with two simple but often misunderstood concepts: QUALITY & VALUE.

On average, customer satisfaction with the home claims experience registers 828 on a 1,000-point scale. Jeremy Bowler, senior director of the insurance practice at J.D. Power and Associates said, "Although satisfying home claimants is particularly challenging, it's still crucial for insurance providers to meet the needs of these customers, given the significant impact the experience has on long-term policy retention.... An experience that meets or exceeds customer expectations may foster long-term loyalty, just as a negative experience may drive a customer to shop other insurance companies."

Read the rest of the Claim's article here.

Clear the Way for Improved Claims Handling and Customer Service

Date: April 22, 2010 at 2:00 pm EST | 11:00 am PST

Did you know 70% of all costs incurred by an insurance company are associated with claimsadjudication (expense and indemnity)?  By reducing some of these costs you could greatly improve your company's bottom line.  But what if you could reduce these costs and improve your customer's satisfaction at the same time?  We'd like to show you how.  

In this FREE Web Seminar you'll be able to see how other insurance companies have used document automation and workflow management to successfully streamline their claim process.  Get control and visibility into your claims today! 

Register now to learn how to:

  • Use analytics to understand, measure, and track key claims KPIs to drive down claim costs and improve combined ratios 
  • Get market insight and improve your strategic decision-making with powerful mapping and geographical visibility
  • Uncover the potential areas for improved customer service, satisfaction and compliance
  • Flag potential fraud by identifying claims that fall outside the radius or path of event damages
  • Deploy and route adjusters to improve efficiency and service 
  • Facilitate programs such as "preferred vendor" services to reduce cost while improving customer service
  • Adapt quickly to changes in environment and industry demands 

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