How to Supervise Bad Attitudes and Negative Behaviors

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All of us have experienced these 'toxic personalities' in our lifetime. Heck, you may have one in your office now! Career Track addresses these issues. How do you correct attitude issues and defuse behavior problems? Protect your team from further contamination. Fred Pryor is hosting a Career Track Audio Conference on how to transform toxic employees into positive performers and he says, "The bottom line is that these 'bad apples' and 'sour grapes' cost organizations time and money because of their impact on morale, retention, productivity, and teamwork. Attitudes affect everyone, and, as a supervisor, it is your responsibility to manage and improve them."

With 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and only a one hour commitment, it seems like a no brainer. Learn about how to enroll here.

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This article had some good points, but I'm going to send it to my boss and see what they think. I'm always getting stuff in my email from them, so I might as well share some cool things I find. Thanks,

T. Saunderson

Great blog you have there! Keep the good posts coming!

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